10 Ways To Help Stray Cats This Winter

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No matter how many rescue groups there are, homeless cat colonies are still found in every city and town. This winter, help those kitties survive the cold temperatures by doing one (or all) of these simple things.

#1 – Shelter Building Party.

Amanda Blackwell, Social Media and Email Marketing Coordinator for Parma Animal Shelter in Ohio recommends neighbors get together to help stray cats in their neighborhood. People can get building materials donated from home improvement and hardware stores. The shelters could be filled with straw or shredded newspaper. The roof and interior walls could be filled with insulation. Ventilation is needed, so put holes along the side. Shelters should be off of the ground.

Image source: @JulieKrawczyk via  Flickr
Image source: @JulieKrawczyk via Flickr

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