5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Meowing

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Cats are known to be relatively independent, but all cat owners know they’re extremely vocal and goofy at times. Sometimes, though, it seems that they’re meowing constantly. There are a number of reasons your cat may have become more vocal than normal, some more serious conditions than others. While it might be that your cat has just trained you to feed them at their beck and call, constant meowing shouldn’t go ignored.

#1 – Loneliness


Although cats are known for being independent, they are not so independent that they don’t want any human companionship. In fact, cats are very affectionate animals that develop close bonds with their families. When left alone for long periods of time, cats can and do become lonely. Just as any person would seek attention and companionship, so will cats in the way of meowing.

#2 – Greetings


It shouldn’t be a surprise to many cat owners that a lot of meowing when they return home is quite common. In fact, some cats are so excited to see people they’ll go on and on to anyone that walks through the door! Cats are very social animals and they often share their joy at your company by telling you all about how happy they are! This can be a nuisance to some owners, but it’s really just your cat letting you know how thrilled they are to see you.

#3 – Physical Need


Most cat owners know the instant it’s breakfast or dinner time, because their cats loudly remind them. Some cats will start meowing the minute there’s no more food in their bowl. In fact, it’s a fairly common occurrence that cats have their owners trained to feed them on command. Cat meows, owner feeds and voila! Now your cat will follow you around, wake you up in the morning and even bother you before bedtime to make sure they get to eat! Likewise, you might find your cat meows at you when they want you to open a door, turn the faucet on so they can play in the water or even just give them a nice massage.

#4 – Illness & Pain


Unfortunately, one of the many reasons cats will start meowing constantly is because they are uncomfortable. Whether they are ill or injured, cats will begin to cry often and this should not be overlooked as a symptom that something is physically wrong. Our cats can’t tell us in human language how they’re feeling, so excessive meowing should not be taken lightly.

#5 – Stress


Just like physical stress, mental and emotional stress is often discovered by owners because of their cat’s constant meowing. As stated earlier, we know cats can’t speak to us in a human language, but they can use their own words to let us know that something is making them uncomfortable. Cats are sensitive, so even changes that seem minor to you might be overwhelming for your feline friend.

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