6 Tips For Reducing Your Cat’s Stress During A Move

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Moving is stressful even on people, and it may be much more so for our pets who don’t understand what’s happening. Cats are especially resistant to change. You want things to go as smoothly as possible, so here are 6 tips for reducing your cat’s stress during a move.

#1 – Get them used to a carrier before the move

Image source: John Morton via flickr


If your cat has only experienced a carrier on the way to the vet, you’ll want to teach them that it’s a safe place to be and hide before the big move. Leave it out and open with a favorite toy or blanket inside as far in advance of the move as possible, and praise them when they go inside to investigate. Move on to feeding them inside the crate and then playing with them after you’ve closed them in for a bit. The goal is to help them understand that the carrier is a safe place to be.  

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#2 – Bring in moving boxes early…

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…so your cat can get used to them before they suddenly fill the whole house. On moving day, keep your cat in the carrier in a room with the door shut – the last thing you want is for them to dash through the door in a moment of panic! When you place the carrier in the car, make sure it gets plenty of ventilation. If your new home is far away, cover the crate with a sheet since a view of the world moving can be upsetting.

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