8 Signs That Your Cat Is Bored

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Boredom. At some time or another it has affected us all. And it doesn’t just stop with humans. Cats don’t have the ability to talk with us to voice their complaints, so it’s important to watch for these telltale signs that your cat is bored. This is particularly true for indoor cats that don’t travel outside of the home whatsoever. Keeping kitty strictly indoors is much safer, but it’s important that you keep a watchful eye on some important signs to prevent boredom from building up. Luckily, with proper stimulation and some extra TLC, it’s an easy fix to get them back to happy.

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1. Kitty Really Likes to Eat

If your cat is getting very attached to their food bowl, and specifically what is in it, this is a clear sign that your cat is rather bored. Days spent consuming more food than recommended may just be a tool for passing the time, which in turn without proper routine exercise will make their tummy grow excessively.


2. Or… Kitty Doesn’t Want To Eat

On the contrary to constantly keeping a full belly, some cats respond to boredom by showing a complete disinterest in food altogether. Obviously this is not good for you or kitty and you can try changing up their diet a tad, or treating them with canned food–which is actually better for them anyhow.

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3. Sir/Madam Sleeps-A-Lot

Cats are notorious for not missing out on their shut-eye, but if you notice your cat is almost lethargic or sleeping far too often than this is an obvious sign that something is up with them. Try interacting with your cat more, incorporating play sessions to attract their interest. And there’s always that little thing called “catnip” that might just strike their fancy. Indoor cats are known for sleeping a tad more than cats that travel outside, but their time awake shouldn’t be spent feigning sleep. Although kittens are usually more playful than adult cats, mature cats still enjoy playtime despite their age.

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4. Excessive Grooming/Sudden Hair Loss

Obviously your cat will want to regularly clean themselves just as they always do, but if they start going to new extremes then you need to step in and change their routine. This is also true if suddenly it seems as if your cat is shedding like crazy. Cats may develop nervous tendencies when coping with boredom, and this also can indicate that the condition is worsening towards anxiety and depression.

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5. Destructive Behavior

This one may be something that you need to ask yourself about. While no pet owner is expected to stay home with their pet all night and day, as yourself perhaps how much is too much in regards to leaving your cat unattended. Cats may be somewhat solitary by nature, especially particular breeds, but they still require social interaction with their humans. If your cat becomes excessively bored after frequently being left alone to their own devices, they may react with destructive behavior to appease themselves and signal to you that they need you around more to keep them company. Sadly, cats can suffer from depression just as humans can so excessive boredom can eventually lead to depression if left unresolved.

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6. Scratching Like Crazy

This is up there with destructive behavior, and some cats will resort to this as a means to get attention from their owner. If you can’t change your schedule, i.e. you work long shifts, then consider getting a cat companion for your existing cat so that they aren’t forced to sit around bored while you are off working.

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7. Unexplainable Weight Gain or Loss

If your cat changed has changed their eating pattern, then this will almost certainly result in a major shift in their weight. Older cats tend to gain weight more easily, and also have a habit of change in appetite, so if you have a senior cat on your hands try and pay extra special attention to their needs.

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8. Uh-oh, That’s Not the Litter Box

For a cat that isn’t receiving the attention they rightfully deserve, sometimes even bad attention might just equal attention in their confused minds. In addition to this, your cat may be frustrated and choose to spend time away from you as a result of feeling neglected. Animals, especially our lovely feline friends, have feelings just like humans do and those feelings can get very hurt if they start to feel seriously neglected by the No. 1 human in their lives.

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