8 Tips for Socializing Your Shy Cat

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Have a shy kitty? Never fear, Darlene Arden, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and author of “The Complete Cat’s Meow” & the coffee table book, “Beautiful Cats,” has some tips to help kitty overcome her social shyness.

#1 – Patience

Shy cats, like feral cats, require a great deal of patience. It will take as long as it takes. This can be weeks, months or years. These cats are often frightened in a new environment and will hide, hunch down to make themselves as tiny as possible, or they will freeze in place. Go slowly but let her meet new people who come to visit and caution them to let her come to them and to get down to kitty’s level, if possible.

Image source: @JessicaFiess-Hill via Flickr
Image source: @JessicaFiess-Hill via Flickr

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