A Cat With Super Powers? You’ve Gotta See This!

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Lots of cats are picky eaters, and lots of cats aren’t shy about letting their owners know when a particular meal isn’t up to their standards. Maybe you’ll get an evil stare from across the room, or a few hissing meows, but usually it stops there, and you get the hint to offer your beloved kitty a different option.

But some cats take it a step further, especially if the cat happens to have superpowers! That’s the case in this video, which features the hilariously evil Magneto Cat. He has no problem telling his human that he is displeased with the meal he’s been presented with. He throws the food out of the bowl. He opens the kitchen drawers to reveal knives being hurled at you – very intense stuff! He even takes it so far as to launch a missile attack – too funny.

Watch the super cat in action below!

If your cat had a super power, what do you think it would be? Share in the comments!

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