A Kitty Who Jumps Like A Bunny…This Is Really Cute!!

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Cats normally jump on things..well, if there’s a reason to jump, why not? They jump onto tables and look for food, sometimes on counters where they can look outside the window. Jumping onto higher places is also a way of escaping especially if there is something that’s bothering them.

This kitty just discovered he can jump like a bunny. The fast paced jumps makes him a lot cuter with his eyes wide open. Ahhh! How I wish I could tickle his tummy every time he rolls over the floor and stands up again with his two feet, leaning on the table’s leg… Isn’t he adorable? This kitty can definitely jump high! Ohh! But please for now, let me have you on repeats!

This clever little feline is just as happy as can be! Share this cute video with your friends who love cats!

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