Ask A Vet: 5 Tips To Avoid Problems With Your Cat’s Bowls

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As cat lovers, we try to pay attention to all details of our cats’ lives. From what we feed them to where they sleep and play with, an effort is made to carefully manage health and wellness. Have you ever wondered about the bowl you feed your cat in?

The type and care of the bowl does matter. Here are the things you should consider when you put your cat’s food or water in a bowl or dish.

  1. Meditate on the Material

What the bowl is made of is important. Plastic has been implicated in causing or contributing to feline acne. The material is porous and difficult to clean completely. Even when it is clean it can feel oily to the touch. There are so many options besides plastic that make better choices.

  1. Analyze the Size

Make sure that your cat can comfortably poise over the bowl without feeling cramped. Wild felids do not eat from bowls and tucking their heads inside of a bowl might make them feel vulnerable and unable to keep part of their attention on the environment and possible threats.

  1. Consider the Cleanliness

As a rule, it is a good idea for a bowl to be constructed of a dishwasher safe material. The bowl should be kept as clean as possible, not only for the safety of your cat, but also to you in case your cat can shed or spread bacteria from the dirty bowls. Food bowls should be cleaned daily.

  1. Prioritize Cat’s Preference

The bowls should be something that your cat likes. Some cats are intimidated by the reflection in shiny stainless steel bowls or do not like the cold feeling of the metal. These cats might favor a ceramic bowl or might even prefer a plate.

  1. Favor your Favorites

Let’s face it–part of the fun of having a cat is getting him neat stuff. Make sure that the bowls you choose are ones that you like and fit your décor. Your cat needs access to fresh water all the time, so at least the water bowl will always be in plain sight. Pick something that makes you smile too.


Cats are unique and particular about their environments. They are often very opinionated and can be inflexible. Instead of trying to force your cat to comply with what you want, it is easier to find options for her to try and let her take part in the choices. If you have a small plastic bowl, you should consider discarding it. It may not be the optimum selection.

If you are not sure what your cat would approve, offer several choices. Make sure that all the options meet your specifications and then give her the deciding vote.

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