Cat Breeds With Dog-Like Qualities

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Some cats may come across as timid and reserved, while other cats are outgoing and playful without a shy bone in their entire body. For certain breeds, there seem to be some that possess dog-like qualities that you may find surprising. Here’s a list of cat breeds with dog-like qualities that can provide you with the best of both worlds:


1. The Manx

This commonly known tailless cat is rather friendly and loves more than anything to be around people. Because of their love for the human kind, the Manx has become often referred to as the “dog-cat” of the feline world. The Manx responds well to commands, such as the all important word “no”, and will have no problems coming when their name is called or even whistled. Shockingly there are Manx that have been reported to growl at unexpected noises, as they are very protective of their loved ones inside the home–awe!

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