Cat Eats From The Wrong Bowl And The Dog Can’t Do Anything About it!

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Dog: “Hi, Cat? Yeah, um… that’s my food bowl. You’re eating my food… hello!? Cat? Come on, man… that was supposed to be for me…”
Cat: *Slurp*

That’s pretty much what went through this dog’s brain as he witnessed his cat brother helping himself to the dog’s food. His momma set the fresh bowl of food down and before she knew it, there was the cat – chowing down! “Don’t mind me, mom. I’ll just help myself.”
Typical cat! The funny part is that this poor little pooch doesn’t know what to do with himself. He sees the cat eating his food and he’s clearly bothered by it, but he doesn’t seem to realize he can do anything about it! So there he stands, just helplessly staring at the cat slurp down the rest of his dog food. Look at the dog’s pathetically-adorable, yet sad facial expression at the 0:21 second mark! Poor guy!! But hey – a cat’s gotta eat! 😉

What a bossy-pants cat! Dare I even say it? Aw heck, I will… I find his bossy-pants attitude all the more endearing!

Has your cat ever pulled a move like this? Did you dog just sit back and watch? Mine makes sure our cat knows when he’s approaching the wrong bowl with a swift growl!
Tell us how feedings work in your household and share any crazy antics your dogs & cats may have pulled during past mealtimes!

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