Cat Hit By Car Finds The Purrfect Person To Rescue Her–And Give Her A Loving Home!

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A tortie cat was lucky last week when she emerged uninjured (albeit shaken up) after being hit by a car. Imgur user BroughtMyPartyPants, who just happens to be a veterinarian, witnessed the accident and pulled over to check on the cat. “I watched her bounce around under the undercarriage of the car, then run off (awkwardly). The car that hit her swerved to miss her and slowed down for a bit, but then drove off when she ran,” he wrote.

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He expected the cat to run away when he got out of the car. Instead, she meowed “so I picked her up, put her in my car, and went to my vet clinic. She purred the whole way.”


She was treated at the clinic for fleas and a broken tooth. While she was there, she scarfed up a can of wet cat food and purred for everyone who handled her.


Her rescuer took her home “temporarily” while he searched for someone to adopt her. He put ads up on Facebook and Craigslist… but the cat had other ideas.


She quickly made herself at home. She was never even intimidated by the dogs who lived there. “The kitten refused to run from the dogs, so the dogs couldn’t chase her. When she wouldn’t run, they’d try to nose her and push her around to get a reaction. When she wouldn’t do that, they just sort of gave up trying to eat her. Now all three mammals live in peace.”


He realized that the cat (who he’s still trying to find the right name for) had decided that she wouldn’t be going anywhere, so he took down the ads, got her dewormed, vaccinated, and spayed. He says she likes to climb the screens, smack the dogs in the face then run, meow for food at 4am, and get her belly rubbed. We don’t know what her life was like before she was rescued and adopted, but it’s clear that she’s a pro at being a cat. Looks like she’s in for a long and happy life.

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