It’s Not A Bobcat Or A Lion–It’s Samson, The Biggest Cat In NYC!

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Samson may not be the biggest cat to have lived, but he’s the king kitty of NYC, and that’s nothing to swat at!

This beautiful white-and-orange fluffball is–you guessed it!–a purebred Maine Coon. At 4-years-old, he’s 4 feet long and weighs in at a whopping 28-pounds.

According to Jonathan Zurbel, Samson’s human, this cat’s personality is as massive as his mane. He’s earned himself a few nicknames: Meowtorius B.I.G. and Catstradamus, to name a couple.

“He’s the [largest] cat in the city, and I welcome any challengers to step up,” Zurbel told the New York Post.

“He gets a lot of attention from strangers,” he continued in the story. “He draws crowds of photographers. People’s reactions are often, ‘Holy s - - t! Is that a cat? That’s a lion! Is it a bobcat?’”

As it turns out, Samson’s appetite and grooming bills are as massive as he is. “He goes through up to six cans of wet food a day and several bags of dry food every week. He also goes through nearly 4 pounds of litter a week, and requires a 0 grooming every few months to look his fluffy best,” reports the New York Post.

Check out some pictures (and videos) of this gorgeously gargantuan Maine Coon!

A photo posted by MEOWTORIUS B.I.G. (@catstradamus) on

As you can see, Samson is large and in charge! You can follow this hefty house cat on Instagram @catstradamus. And if you loved seeing these fluffy photos of Samson, be sure to check out Cygnus, the Maine Coon with the luxuriously long tail!

(h/t: New York Post)

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