Rescue Shaves 1lb Of Fur Off Abandoned Senior Cat

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When Buttercup’s family moved away, they left… without him.

Thought to be about 13 years old, this senior kitty was covered with several years’ worth of matted fur from being neglected and left to wander outside. Thankfully, a concerned passerby brought this gentle boy to the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter. He was immediately given a haircut.

According to a story by PEOPLE, the kitty was cooperative, as if he knew the staff was there to help him. His rescuers were also very emotional when they saw this wonderful cat in such poor condition.

“I think we were all in tears because that’s the worse case we’d ever seen,” senior staff member Lara Rodriguez said in the story.

After shaving off a pound of knotted fur, it was revealed that Buttercup was also suffering with flaky skin. But after some oil treatments and a diet of premium food, he’s making a quick recovery. Now, all he needs is a forever home.

“Buttercup loves being held in gentle arms or cuddling up in cozy cat beds,” reads a post on the shelter’s Facebook page. “He is great with other sweet cats. Please share his post to help him finally know and experience what a loving and responsible home feels like, at long, long last.”


According to the shelter’s Facebook page, Buttercup was adopted just a couple days after being rescued. We know he’ll enjoy his golden years in comfort, safety, and surrounded by love!

(h/t: PEOPLE)


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