Sleepy Kitten Must Be Dreaming Hard–Because She’s Still Meowing Away!

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Who doesn’t like to watch a kitten or puppy sleep? The cute faces they make or when they “run” in their sleep is just adorable! Do you ever wonder what they could be dreaming of, or is it just me? Maybe they are dreaming of catching that squirrel in the tree or a giant bowl of wet food all to them-self.

Well the kitten in this video is having a very realistic dream for sure! It’s almost like when a human talks in their sleep, but she is just meowing in hers. Maybe she’s dreaming about ruling the world and giving orders to her humans! One can dream, right?! Dream on little kitten, because you are absolutely adorable when you sleep!

Oh my goodness, right?!? I just can’t get enough of this kitten meowing in her sleep! Make sure you share this video and brighten someone’s day!!


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