The 8 Coolest NEW Cat Products of 2014

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Looking for something new to spoil your cat with? These products are purrrfect for your feline, even if she is finicky.

#1 – Kitty Connection®

Created by Innovation Pet, this new generation of cat tree is like Lego® for your feline. The line consists of starter kits and add-on accessories that connect allowing you to create an almost infinite number of designs to suit your cat’s taste. The great part: when you cat is bored, you can rearrange her tree, renewing their interest and saving you money. Available soon,

Image Source: Innovation Pet

#2 – Scratch ‘n’ Shapes

Imperial Cat keeps outdoing themselves when it comes to cool cat scratchers. Their new lines includes giant slumber scratchers for the cats that like to sleep and scratch, as well as trendy shapes including a tiger, pirate hat, easy chair, and several mustache designs. Available now,

Credit: Imperial Cat
Image Source: Imperial Cat

#3 – CleanExit™ Scatter Control Mat

This cool litter box mat by SmartyKat® is made different than all those other litter mats. Traditional mats are hard, making your cat want to jump over them to avoid the prickly texture. The CleanExit mat is made of soft silicone and features hundreds of soft nubs that gently clean between the toes without causing discomfort. It’s also non-toxic, washable, and naturally repels odors and stains. Available soon,

Credit: SmartyKat
Image Source: SmartyKat


#4 – Jackson Galaxy Collection

Anyone a fan of “My Cat From Hell,” will be purring for this new line of products from Petmate. Designed by the Cat Daddy himself, each product is made with a cat’s natural instincts and needs in mind, even the colors are designed so your cat can actually see them! This is a MUST buy line. Available this Fall,


#5 – KONG® Glide ‘n Seek

This fun toy is bringing interactive cat toys to a whole new level. Instead of a flimsy string that cats can easily destroy, this sturdy toy has the moving mechanism inside a capsule, where magnetic levitation technology makes the feather bounce, jump, spin, and peek through holes to keep your cat guessing. Available now online and at pet stores,

Image Source: KONG
Image Source: KONG


#6 – Cat ‘n’ Around Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone

Perfect for end of summer fun or a nice holiday gift, these adorable new refillable catnip toys from Imperial Cat will make your kitty purr. They come with certified organic catnip and are made of durable materials that are made to last. Available soon,


Image Source: Imperial Cat
Image Source: Imperial Cat

#7 – Smart Snacker Slide ‘n Nibble Toy

This is a great toy for the food motivated cat. You can use it with treats, or put their meal in it to stimulate your cat’s mind and hunting instincts. It may take your cat a minute to figure out, but once she does, she won’t stop! Available soon at Petco and



#8 – Prancing Prey Puppet Teaser

This is such a great toy, it quickly became a kitty fav in my house. The glove is soft and easy to wear, and the five dancing mice drive your cat mad trying to catch them all. Available soon at Petco and


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