The Most Polite Kitty Ever!

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Cats can be extremely persistent when there is something they truly want from you. Whether it be food, water, play, or simply just loving attention, they will probably get what they want one way or another. Some kitties just have different approaches to getting our attention, like stepping on top of our laptops and sticking their butts in our face or knocking our cell phones out of our hands so we have more fingers available to scratch them with.

But then there are the polite, well-mannered cats we rarely get to see. Like this lovely one in the video, who patiently waits for his owner to give him the OK to hop up on his lap. How sweet is this cat? I really wish mine were as polite as this little fellow!

I wish I knew this owners secret to raising such kind and well-behaved kitties! Share this video with your cat loving friends.

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